120 Unique Sustainability Research Topics And Ideas To Focus On

Sustainability is a theory which focuses on meeting the current needs of the people while respecting the future. Recent projects on sustainability have focused on new sustainability research topics. You can choose sustainability topics for your environmental study paper. Do you want to find interesting topics in sustainability for your assignment right now? Continue reading if you answered yes to the above question.

Sustainability is a concept that promotes stability in the economy, equity, and environment. Sustainability projects are crucial in conserving the earth’s environment. Many educational institutes ask students to research any topic related to sustainability.

It can be difficult to find the right topic for research. The task of choosing the right topic requires more effort and time. Here are some ideas and research topics that will help you find the right topic. Browse it and choose the topic that interests you.

Ideas and topics that are best for sustainability research

Sustainability encompasses many areas of research. Natural resources, energy conservation and sustainable transport are some of the most important areas of study in sustainability. Apart from these topics, you can also look at the most recent environmental issues and develop unique sustainability projects ideas. You don’t have to limit your attention to environmental issues. Sustainability can be applied in business, education, and construction.

Below are some top topics for sustainability research that you might consider when writing your paper.

Sustainability Research Topics for Environment

Is veganism a good thing for the environment?
– The most significant political issues that impact the U.S. Environment.
– The harmful effects of plastic straws in the environment
Discover the most powerful environmental groups responsible for cleaning up plastics from the oceans.
– The environmental impact of the world’s population.
Are smaller classrooms better for the environment?
– Are your local environmental policies effective?
Why is it difficult to start recycling programs in cities where there is more poverty?
– The oceans’ effect on non-plastic materials.
Name the countries with the most restrictive environmental laws.
– Are vegetarian diets more beneficial for the environment than pescatarian ones?
Is a reduction in technology use good for the environment?
– How can government policies help or harm the environment?
– Technologies that control pollution.
– How will the Covid-19 pandemic impact the environment?
Is it better for the environment to eat pescatarian food?
– Should technology be used less to protect the environment?
What have the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the environment been?
What does it do to the environment?
– How can government policies help or harm the environment?

Sustainability Research Topics in Education

– Sustainable classrooms reduce absenteism – Show evidence.
Behavior Change Interventions at Higher Education Institutions
– Do shorter working days in schools minimize energy use?
Discuss students’ demand for better, more sustainable education.
– Talk about the responsibilities of higher educational institutions handling global challenges like poverty, gender inequity, and climate.
– The strengths of sustainability education.
– How to make sustainability projects on campus more educational?
– Explain how modular schools can help improve sustainability using natural light.
Discuss the benefits to changing school hours to allow natural light.
Sustainable classroom design improves learning for students
– Examine the benefits to integrating sustainability education into your curriculum.
– Sustainability as a concept for higher education institutions
– Compare sustainability education.
– Are large classrooms a danger to the environment?
Modular classrooms are a great option for sustainability on campuses.
– Describe the differences between sustainability education.
– What are the advantages of including sustainability education in the curriculum
– What are some of the weaknesses and strengths of different definitions for sustainability education?
– Do modular classrooms improve campus sustainability?
What evidence supports the claim that sustainable classrooms reduce absenteeism

Investigating Solutions for Sustaining Food Sources

– How do food programs help communities?
– Are cities obligated to plant community gardens to reduce food scrap?
– Government role in increasing food supply
Discuss the advantages of purchasing food from local farms.
Are you able to offer food donations in your community?
Is it possible to donate leftover food from restaurants to shelters for the homeless?
Support local food markets – What is the point?
Discuss the best methods to grow your food.
– How does food consumption impact the environment?
Analyze global food shortages.

Sustainable Topics in Waste Management

– Why shouldn’t we stop waste from going to the oceans
Discuss the types of waste generated in educational institutions.
– What government regulations will impact certain types of waste?
How can improved recycling technology impact the waste that ends-up in landfills?
What can community members do to reduce waste?
– Incineration or landfills are best for reducing waste.
Discuss the best technologies that can reduce waste in large-scale cities.
– How Sweden heats its waste.
Are single-use items subject to taxes that reduce waste entering landfills?
Describe the Danish approach to reducing food waste.

Issues of Transportation Sustainability

Compare hybrid and electric vehicles.
Discuss the benefits of biking for work.
– Examine how travel has affected global warming in the past 10 years.
Is it a good decision for the government?
– Learn more about bike-sharing between campuses.
How can you make your city walkable or bike-friendly?
Compare the benefits and costs of petrol to electric or biofuel.
Is it beneficial for the environment to have taxi services?
– What can higher education companies do to incentivize and reduce travel among staff?
– Benefits of including public transportation systems.

What Are Some Good Topics for Sustainability Research Papers?

– How does “green university” benefit students’ mental health?
How can pollution cause people to get sick?
Are cities required to use solar panels on larger buildings?
How can developing nations conserve clean water resources?
Is buffet-style dining good for sustainability?
– How to reduce pollution and improve air quality
– Talk about the benefits to obtaining a Fair-Trade certification at universities.
Describe the relationship between pollution and overpopulation.
Is paper towels better than hand dryers for reducing germ spread?
Is maintaining a home at a particular temperature a good way to save energy?
How can landscaping or gardening improve the indoor air quality of your home?
– How cities can create community gardens?
– Game theory, sustainability and the challenges it presents.
How can plastic floating balls reduce the evaporation of reservoirs?
Do cities need to impose a special tax for single-use plastics?
– The future impact of our carbon footprint.
– The benefits of dimming the brightness of computer monitors.
Discuss the relationship of a country’s GDP to its pollution.
Discuss the energy savings achieved by turning computers off when they’re not in use.
How solar panels can make your home more efficient in energy use?

Research Papers on Sustainability: Excellent Topics

Discuss the advantages of eating a plant based diet.
Employers can save energy by using natural light.
– What will climate change affect the cost of different countries’ futures?
What does sustainability look like in the 21st century, and what are its implications?
– The effects of rising sea levels
– Explore the sustainability policies in developing and developed countries.
– Compare non-profit groups that work towards sustainability.
– Roof gardening and terraces are important.
Are governments obligated to invest in solar energy technology?
How does Sweden conserve its environment?
Which buildings are suitable for green roofs?
Describe how bio-capacity, carbon footprint, and other factors differ across countries.
– Sustainable outdoor designs using recycled materials.
– What does a business think about green energy and sustainability?
Discuss the pros/cons of different Greenhouse gas accounting standards.
– The role and responsibilities of non-governmental organizations in green energy and sustainability.
What options are there to change from paper-based learning to digital working?
Is there a way to balance green technology and lifestyle?
Reduce water consumption by exploring the costs and opportunities available.
– How sustainable are the current and future environments?

Current Research Trends in Sustainability

– Explain how biocapacity and carbon footprint vary depending on where you live.
What are the biggest obstacles faced by businesses when trying to conserve energy?
Which environmental groups are the most effective in eliminating plastic from the oceans?
How many tons of plastic are in the ocean?
How can lowering the brightness of your computer’s screen bring you benefits?
Which countries have weakest laws to protect the environment?
Why is it so difficult for recycling programs to be launched in places with higher poverty rates
– What are America’s main political problems that affect the environment?
– What might be the advantages of public transport?
Are municipalities required to install solar panels on larger structures?

Wrapping up

Any topic you like can be used from the list below. For more ideas on sustainability topics, please contact us. We have an academic writing team that can help you choose a topic. We can also help you prepare high-quality research papers about any topic.


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I am a 27-year-old educational blogger and volunteer and student. I love writing and sharing knowledge with others. I believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and achieving our goals. I also believe that it's important to give back to the community and volunteer my time to help others.

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