The Historical Figure Of Fide; Castro And His Biography

Fidel Castro’s autobiography takes place in Cuba, where Castro continues to rise as a political figure. As he was unsure how the public would respond to his new role as Cuba’s dictator, Castro was still developing the leadership style. Castro had already overthrown Batista and was now trying to build his campaign. This meant that he focused on what Cuba required, literacy rates, education, welfare. Castro describes his experiences as a Social Constructionist in his autobiography. Social Constructionists look at how many different understandings and problems are developing around the world. They take into account the cooperation of all members of their society and not only what they believe is right.

Castro was considered a high-ranking socialite, not only because he was a leader in politics but also because he was a dictator. This meant that he could run an entire country alone, making him a powerful man. His culture began as poor, because his father was a farmer and his mother a maid. However, Castro’s father eventually bought the farm and made enough money to send him to boarding school. Castro learned about the Catholic faith while he was in school and has continued to follow it since. Castro explained that his family’s poverty led to him being subject to class inequalities growing up. People often didn’t give Castro the opportunities he wanted. Fidel Castro shared the feeling of being constantly doubted by his social class. When he decided to go into politics, he said that he did not know how large he would be. But he soon realized that his friends and family didn’t understand why he was following this path. Castro explained that, while he did not intend to be a dictator but that the United States made him do it to protect his country. He also shared his story about the many failures he experienced before reaching his revolution.

Fidel Castro’s life, as it is now, is captured in “My Life: An Autobiography”. The story of how he got there and the journey that led him to this position, is also shared.

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