100 Exceptional Sustainability Topics For 2022

Do you need to write an important paper on environmental studies but have trouble thinking of sustainable projects? Are you looking through your notes and readings for sustainability ideas but are unable to find one that interests you? This is common for many students, especially for those who have multiple academic responsibilities.

Top Sustainability Topics to Research

We’ve collected 100 amazing sustainability topics that you can use in many situations. The list covers sustainability topics for grade-school, middle-school, high school and college. See our list and find inspiration. You might also find our ecology topics useful.

Sustainability topics for students in grade school

– Discuss the effects of our carbon footprint on future generations.
Describe the differences between sustainability education.
– Tell us how you school can make a campus more sustainable.
Do you have a school that is already able to implement a sustainability program?
Are solar panels installed at your school’s rooftops?
– What benefits can you derive from incorporating sustainability education in your curricula

Sustainability Paper Topics For Middle School

– What is the environmental impact of plastic waste in the oceans?
What impact does a greenhouse have on growing vegetables and fruits?
– Should governments spend more on solar energy technologies
How can solar panel make your home more eco-friendly?
– Is your school equipped with an efficient ventilation system?
– Do modular classrooms improve campus sustainability?

Sustainability Research Topics for High-School Students

Describe how modular classrooms can enhance sustainability by using natural light.
What evidence supports the claim that sustainable classrooms reduce absenteism?
Computers being turned off when not in use saves energy.
– What are your benefits when you change the school hours to make use of natural light?
To conserve energy, should school terms be set around seasons?
– Is it possible to apply game theory to sustainability challenges?

For college students, sustainability essay topics

– Discuss how bio-capacity, carbon footprint and other factors differ across countries.
What are the greatest challenges that companies face in conserving energy?
– What environmental groups have the greatest impact on plastic pollution in the oceans and what are their most important actions?
What is the ocean’s plastic content?
What are the benefits of dimming the brightness of computer monitors?
– Which country has the lowest number of laws protecting the environment?

Sustainability Topics for Ph.D. Student

– Compare non-profits that focus on sustainability.
Sustainable classroom design improves learning for students
Employers can save energy by using natural light.
– What technologies are available to deter pollution from the environment?
– Does veganism have any environmental benefits?
Is paper towels better than hand dryers for reducing germ spread?

There are many topics that can be considered environmental sustainability.

– What’s the relationship between GDP and pollution in a country?
Why is it that cities with higher levels of poverty are less likely to establish recycling programs?
– What are some of the greatest political problems facing the U.S. environmental?
What are some of the benefits of switching from a meat-based diet to one that is vegan?
Do the United States have to play a greater part in helping third-world governments become more sustainable.
– What are the effectiveness of your local environmental policies?

Some interesting sustainability topics for papers

College campuses should ban plastics use
How does the food we eat impact our environment?
– What’s the difference between Sweden and other countries with respect to its environment?
What technologies are best for reducing waste in large cities?
How can plastic floating balls be used to reduce the evaporation of reservoirs?
– Why is America failing to reduce food wastage?

Writings on Sustainability

How can improved recycling technology impact the fate of waste in landfills?
Plastic straws and the Earth’s Environment: How Bad Are They?
Are single-use items subject to taxes that reduce waste entering landfills?
– Please explain why certain U.S. states have succeeded in banning plastic bag use
– What’s the relationship between pollution and overpopulation?
How will the Earth’s environment change if there is a fifty-year increase in the population?

Sustainability hot topics for 2022

Are there enough resources for the 21st century’s population?
– What can governments do for increased food resources?
Plastic straws should be banned in cities
– Why are sea life and ecosystem so important?
– How much carbon is emitted by farm animals?
– Why is keeping waste out of our oceans so important?

Sustainability topics for a long-term project

– What are your benefits from obtaining a Fair-Trade certification at universities?
– What benefits are there to buying food from local growers?
Are you able to impose a food-donation program in your city?
How can you bring a farmers market into your community?
Is buffet-style dining good for sustainability?
Do cities need to impose a special tax for single-use plastics?

Topics related to Sustainability in a Short-Term Projet

Can leftovers from cafeteria meals be given to homeless shelters or can they be used in the kitchen?
– How do food programs help communities?
What is the minimum land required to grow vegan food products
What can cities do for families with children in the aftermath of the pandemic?
What does sustainability look like in the 21st Century?
– Why it is important to support local food producers

Ideas for Sustainability Projects at High Schools

– What impact would a reduction in meat consumption have on greenhouse gas emissions?
– Is it possible to improve the air quality by consuming less red meat?
What are the advantages of eating a plant based diet?
Are you a school that offers more options for vegan food?
– Is the pescatarian diet better for our environment?
– What negative environmental effects can slaughterhouses have on the environment?

Ideas for Sustainability in Schools With Large Populations

– What would you think if restaurants were to offer buffet-style meals?
How difficult can it be to reduce pollution in large urban areas?
– Should cities require community gardens to reduce food wastage?
– What are your benefits when you incorporate public transportation systems?
– Should cities require solar panels to be installed in large buildings?

For graduate-level courses, consider controversial sustainability topics

– Is it possible to reduce technology-use in order to protect the environment?
What does it do to the environment?
– What would you do if we cut the school week from 5 to 4 days?
How can a shorter school day help to decrease energy consumption?
What has the Covid-19 pandemic done to the environment?

Enjoy these fun sustainability topics at home

Create a family-friendly education program.
Every week, make a change in your home to make it more sustainable.
– Teach children the difference between nonrenewable and renewable resources.
Is maintaining a house at a particular temperature a way to lower energy costs?
How much food does your kitchen waste and end up in the trash?

Sustainable Research Topics Everyone Can Do

How can pollution cause people to get sick?
How can a country in development provide abundant water resources for its citizens?
– How can government policy benefit or harm the environment?
– Should cities create more public space (e.g. parks, riverbeds)?
What can we do to ensure that developing countries have clean water?

Topics for young people concerning sustainability

– Sort through the garbage in your classroom to find what can still be used.
Discuss how Sweden turned its waste into heat.
What can Denmark do to reduce its food wastage?
How can we reduce pollution and improve the quality of our care?
– What are the most pressing ecological challenges the United States must confront in the next 50 year?

Sustainability Research Papers for Everyone

– How does “green university” benefit students’ mental health?
– Which are the best methods to grow your food?
What can individuals do to reduce waste in their community?
How can landscaping and gardening improve the indoor air quality?
What can cities do for community gardens?

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rubywatson Written by:

I am a 27-year-old educational blogger and volunteer and student. I love writing and sharing knowledge with others. I believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and achieving our goals. I also believe that it's important to give back to the community and volunteer my time to help others.

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